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Diabetes is usually life long, expensive and disabling. Imagine a diabetic who barely makes food to the table. How can you afford to treat yourself when you are starved for resources? We refuse to give up. Our services are free for the underprivileged and subsidized for the white collar.




Diabetes does not have a cure yet. But the good news is that it can be controlled. Lifestyle changes which include diet and exercise are the key components of managing it. Sadly, healthy food is an expensive commodity in our country and out of reach for many. We pride ourselves in giving our patients diet and exercise plans which are relevant to their socioeconomic backgrounds. They are able to comply to them with our regular follow ups and motivation. Our health care providers believe that none of our patients should feel alone.


Needless to say, the affordability of diabetes medication in general and insulin in particular is a nightmare for most. We bring forth standardized quality medicines for our patients irrespective of their income bracket. Our motto is simple. If it is good for them, it should be good for us too.




Diabetes is not a disease where you just get a prescription and take a pill once a day. It requires regular, periodic blood work to monitor diabetes markers so that the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly. Our health care providers pay close and continuous attention to the patient’s body response which is paramount to successful diabetes management.


There are about 20 million diabetics in Pakistan today. 15% of them are prone to foot ulcers, 20%-40% to nerve damage, 50% to blood circulation disorder in the legs and eventually amputations. Unfortunately, not many people are even aware of this silent killer. The cost of treating these ulcers and amputations is beyond a poor man. Can you imagine its emotional and financial impact on their households? We believe that the best strategy is prevention. Our foot care experts provide multi-disciplinary care and teach patients how to take care of and prevent diabetes foot. Source: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 2004


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