I am a diabetic,
I fight for my health everyday in most ways other people do not understand.
- Anonymous


Dilawar Hussain Foundation was born in 2011. We began as a humble effort in Garhi Shahu locality of Lahore. Our work is devoted in providing much needed support, guidance and hope to those who struggle with diabetes.



Today around 20 million Pakistanis have diabetes. 8.5 million of these do not even know they have it. We have been battling with this lack of awareness since 2011 and have been working to address this serious and growing public health crisis. Our priority is to set up best in class diabetes management centers across Pakistan so as to facilitate prevention, management and awareness of diabetes. Your support is what makes it possible for us to run our programs. We are so grateful to everyone who supports our vital, life changing work. Together we are building a stronger tomorrow for all of those whose lives are affected by diabetes.

Hassan Zubair Sheikh


Your support is powerful.

You have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and families devastated by diabetes.
It’s through your generosity that we create such powerful change.


Visit Us

Visit our centers and school to see us in action. Experience our impact first hand by interacting with our students and patients.


Our volunteers make things happen and we have quite a few volunteering opportunities. Ranging from raising awareness in communities, fundraising events to diabetes walks; there is bound to be one which is perfect for you.


Collaborate with us at our diabetes camps, charity events, fundraisers and help us to #beatdiabetes and provide support to those who are affected by it. We can help to make your workplace healthier by screening your workplace. We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to team up.


Faysal Bank Limited Account Title: Dilawar Hussain Foundation
Account Number: 0148006900205375
IBAN No: PK25FAYS0148006900205375
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA

You can make a difference.

A Factory Worker

Hameed Ullah

“Amazing organization. Unlike others they really do care about diabetics like me. I am being treated here since ----- and had on and off chest pains. They referred me to Punjab Institute of Cardiology where I was just in time for the treatment of two blocked arteries!”

A Transgender


“Being diagnosed with diabetes was a very sad day in my life. I thought haven’t I been shunned enough in my life. Do I need more misery? I felt as if life was meting away from me. I am Bobby; a 54-year-old transgender living in Lahore. I went in circles after my diagnosis until I reached Dilawar Hussain Foundation. They helped not only in managing my condition but eased me out of depression as well. I am truly and deeply indebted to them.”

A Widow


“They have changed my life. They showed me that I can lead a normal healthy life and support my family. I am Farida. I am a widow and l live in Haji Musa Colony in Garhi Shahu with my son. My neighbor referred me to them two and a half years ago. My diabetes was uncontrolled, and I felt sick all the time. Ever since being under their treatment, my diabetes is well managed. I have never felt happier in my life!”