Breast Cancer Month

A guest speaker awareness session was conducted by Dilawar Hussain Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is held annually in October. The session was attended by guest speakers which included Dr. Noor ul Mubeen (MBBS, FCPS(Surgery), Fellowship Oncology in Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Senior Registrar at Sevices Hospital Lahore), RD. Maham Pervez (PGD, Dietitics, Bs. HONS Food & Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition in Dilawar Hussain Foundation) and DN. Zartasha Khalid (Mphil Human Nutrition & Dietitics, Clinical Nutrition in Dilawar Hussain Foundation. The purpose of the session was to educate patients about the disease, starting from the diagnosis to treatment and also guiding patients about nutrition. The session was a success and we hope to continue such sessions for the betterment of the community.